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               Opioid Education

VistaPharm understands that Opioid Treatment is an all encompassing program that must include doctor and counselor supervised treatment tailored to the individual to generate positive therapeutic results. To create a working treatment plan everyone involved needs to be properly educated including the patient and the patient’s support system. That is why VistaPharm offers educational brochures to our customers for their patients. We have 15 brochures (available in English and Spanish) that are basic information on an array of Methadone related topics. Please click on title to see a PDF of brochures:

What is Methadone? & How Can it Help Me?
Drug Addiction & Treatment Principles
Drug Overdosing & How to Help
Drug Interactions & Your Doctors
Women, Pregnancy, & Methadone
Myths & Facts About Methadone
Opioid Treatment Programs Rules and Regulations
Understanding HIV and AIDS
Hepatitis C
Detoxing From Methadone
Constipation & Methadone
Sleep Disorders
Sexual Dysfunction
Mental Functioning & Methadone
Countering the Opioid Stigma

Along with patient education we provide access to an online education program for counselors. Our program is NAADAC approved and provides over 150 CEU’s. There is a small cost associated with this program.

To request copies of pamphlets or more information in regards to the online education program please contact the corporate office at 877-437-8567.

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